McDonald's Family Stands Hand in Hand with the Jordanian Family - Armoush Tourism Investment Company Donates Funds to Establish Chemotherapy Treatment Rooms at Al-Bashir Hospital

September 11,2019

Armoush Tourism Investment Company - McDonald's Jordan - represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ahmad Armoush signed an agreement on Sunday 8 September 2019; to support the “Himmetna” initiative - a Charity Association registered at the Ministry of Social Development and represented by Dr. Fadia Samara the CEO of the initiative. The Company will donate all funds required to establish a chemotherapy treatment room at Al-Bashir Hospital to cater to the less fortunate patients in honor of Mr. Ahmed Armoush’s late mother “Ms. Mounira Shafiq Al-Sayeh”.


“We are delighted to extend our support to help the less fortunate at Al-Bashir Hospital, and to create this room for those suffering from this malignant disease that affects both them and their families,” said Mr. Ahmed Armoush. He also added: "I am not exaggerating when I say that our happiness with this gift outweighs the happiness of those benefiting from it, we all need to do what is necessary to help each other out, and to embody our humanity with direct actions rather than words and slogans."


This initiative comes as a continuation of the humanitarian role played by Armoush Tourism Investment Company to achieve and maintain the social responsibility roles adopted by the company towards the less privileged segment in Jordan. It is an ongoing attempt to alleviate their suffering and stand by them, especially at a medical establishment such as Al-Bashir Hospital, which caters to more than one million and three hundred thousand cases per year, in addition to a large number of cancer patients.


Armoush Tourism Investment Company continues to support many humanitarian programs through Ahl Al-Khair program, where it adopts a large number of initiatives that provide direct assistance to the needy and the less fortunate, such as the “Family Room Project”, which the association seeks to set up at Al-Bashir Hospital as a first step and to be later introduced to other hospitals.