McDonald's Jordan Signs Agreement for Training and Employing 550 Jordanian Youth as Part of the "Homeland Service" Initiative

November 24,2019

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister Dr. Omar Al-Razzaz, the Royal Cultural Center hosted the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Labor and Armoush Tourist Investment Company - McDonald's Jordan – that requires the company to train and employ 550 Jordanian youth. Mr. Nedal Faisal El-Batayneh, the Minister of Labor signed the agreement of behalf of the Ministry, and Mr. Ahmad Armoush, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Armoush Tourist Investment Company, signed on behalf of the company.


His Excellency Mr. Nedal Faisal El-Batayneh, Minister of Labor highlighted that this agreement comes within the framework of implementing the Royal Directives urging that attention be given to the Jordanian youth and holding all parties responsible for helping them alleviate the economic burdens by providing them with job opportunities that ensure a decent lifestyle. He added that it is one of the priorities of the government that His Majesty King Abdullah II directed to develop in order to improve the living standards of Jordanians, and within the Jordanian Renaissance Plan, which aims to direct the energies of Jordanian youth and meet their aspirations for a better future.




For his part, Mr. Armoush confirmed that this step is in line with the company's strategy and its general understanding of social responsibility, with the aim of contributing to alleviating and reducing poverty and unemployment by creating sustainable employment opportunities for youth, in order to achieve comprehensive economic and social development within the framework of partnership with the public sector to implement the Royal Directives.


After announcing the establishment of McDonald's Training Academy, Mr. Armoush reiterated the company's commitment to supporting the members of the “Homeland Service” initiative, to serve the Jordanian youth and to develop their skills in order to prepare them for the labor market. Within the training periods all participants are offered a salary of 250 Jordanian dinars as well as rewarding work benefits such as being included in the company’s accredited incentives program and covering of work injuries and accidents even after the end of the allocated training period, under the umbrella of the Social Security Corporation.

Mr. Raed Al-Zaghal, General Manager of McDonald's Jordan commented: “Since its launch in 1996, McDonald's Jordan has worked on building a unique and sustainable relationship with all its partners, customers and the local community, which it is proud to be part of. After celebrating its 23rd anniversary the Company continues its journey in the Jordanian market by providing a rich experience to its customers, and launching various initiatives that fall within its corporate social responsibility plan. ”



Today, the company aims to double the number of its 34 branches located across the Kingdom in Amman, Irbid, Aqaba, Salt and Al-Zarqa, and to support the national economy by relying more than 85% on local suppliers for meal ingredients, and providing 100% sustainable employment opportunities for youth from the local community by offering 20,000 job opportunities, and more than 10,000 part-time job opportunities as part of the system being adopted to support students who are still in school.


McDonald's Jordan received the Gold List Award from the Ministry of Labor for the year 2015, as a result of its commitment to its employees and its keenness to create sustainable employment opportunities for Jordanians.