Our Company

Our Dedication to Quality

At McDonald’s Jordan, an integral part of the global brand, we have embarked on an everlasting commitment to using the highest quality halal beef and chicken and high-standard potatoes, without chemical additives, as we bring only the freshest ingredients to our customers. Our quality promise directly impacts the deliciousness of our food from the first bite and on.

Our unilateral efforts to present customers with both nutritious and tasty food, added to our involvement in the community, have won us the prestigious Golden Arch Award from McDonald’s Corporation. This award is only given to 1% of McDonald’s owner-operators around the world.


Our Promise to our Employees

 Our employees are truly what makes us special. We pride ourselves on their abilities, passion, and dedication to the values that McDonald’s Jordan holds at its core, and provide them with a comfortable, motivational work environment where they are encouraged to succeed.

As such, we are one of the first companies in Jordan to establish a part-time work program for university students, allowing more than 15,000 youth to both earn an income and study at the same time, helping them reach their personal goals and create a brighter future for themselves.

Also, "M Academy", a pioneering project in developing the talents of everyone whose lives we touch, is an exclusive initiative aimed at providing people with personal and professional life skills locally and regionally.

Our unfaltering promise to our employees won us the exclusive Ministry of Labor Golden List Award for Employment.


Our Approach to Innovation

 At McDonald’s Jordan, we are always looking for ways to be better in a way that enhances our customers’ experience with us. In 2015, we opened the revolutionary, technologically driven, and architecturally advanced Al-Madinah branch to reward our customers and allow them to take part in a new era of quick service restaurants. Al-Madinah branch won the 2015 Gold MENA award in the UAE for Retail Store Design Excellence.

Fundamentally altering the way people eat with us by introducing the new McDonald’s mobile application, cashless payment for drive-thru and in-store orders, 24-hour service, innovative self-service stations in our branches, the Drive-Thru Club for recurring customers, and a dedicated employee-staffed call center, we preemptively respond to the needs of the people we serve, ensuring a more enjoyable meal every time.

We also cater to local tastes, with the Halloum Muffin and periodically take our customers on exciting journeys of international cuisine, letting them step outside of the box and try a variety of sandwiches to ignite their senses and come back for more.


Our Responsibility toward the Community

 Our reach extends far further than painting a smile on our customers’ faces with every bite, as we also work incessantly to spark socio-economic growth in the local community. Independently, and with a number of partner civil society organizations, we bear a responsibility to make the people we serve happier, healthier, and more prosperous.

Volunteering our time working toward social causes with the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, the Jordan River Foundation, the Zaha Cultural Center, and the Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development, we actively seek out new ways to make life more enjoyable for everyone.

At McDonald’s Jordan, children receive a special focus. Our fun, interactive play areas and delicious kids’ meals are an experience that every child should have. We regularly invite orphans and the underprivileged to share exciting moments and unforgettable memories with us at all of our branches, letting them be exactly what they are: kids.